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Set Appointment
19th of January, 2017 by rheo_batestil




 The MARINA enforces strict rules for personal appearance.

All seafarers with appointment schedules must appear physically at the

MARINA on the specified date and time for image capturing.



Set an Appointment with MARINA at Fill-out & Print online Application. 

-Select the type of document (Licensure) then select position (for the DECK Department - Master, Chief Mate, OIC-NW, for the ENGINE Department- Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, and OIC-EW) to be applied.

-Click NEW for the 1st taker and RESIT for those Applicants who already took any Competence at MARINA.

-Download & Print the Application Form with the appointment control number and Scheduled Date & Time

-Make sure that your scheduled appointment is CONFIRMED. Only confirmed appointment will be entertained / accommodated by MARINA. You can check your Confirmed Appointment & Print the Application Form from your E-mail.

-Bring the printed Application Form to the MARINA on your Scheduled Date & Time of Appointment.


Go to MARINA Office

-On your Appointment Date, proceed to the following Offices depending on the application to be applied (see list below):

For LICENSURE, go to STCW Processing Center, MARINA, 5th Floor Parkview Plaza, Taft Ave. corner Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila

-You must be at the office thirty (30) minutes before your scheduled time. Early/Late comers will not be entertained.


Verification of Documents

-Make sure you have a complete set of the applicable documents for SIRB, COP or LICENSURE (both original & photocopy)

-Proceed to the Evaluation Counter. Applications with incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed.


Evaluation of Documents

-Wait for your queue number to appear on the monitor that indicates the window you will go to at the evaluation counter.

-Applicants must secure long brown envelope for the photocopies of document he/she filed.With Name and Contact No. for references.

-After Approval, Marina Staff will give you details for the documents to scanned and upload at


Check your SIRB # on order to create your account.

Once you have already verify thru verification received by your email account you may login suing your email address and upload your documentary requirements.

*NOTE Seafares must have an Account first and active Email address for verification(SCS)

-You may now update you personal information and proceed uploading your documents for evaluation process.


Pay the Processing Fee

-After evaluation, proceed to the Cash Section and pay the applicable processing fees (see application processing fees).


Have your Picture Taken

-After payment, proceed to the windows/counters for Image Capturing.


Claim your Document at MARINA or Have It Delivered

-After your photo is taken, you have the option to:

- Claim your Seaman's Book or COP at the MARINA where it was applied:


-have it delivered by courier to your home.

If availing of the delivery service, proceed to the Delivery Counter to pay for the delivery fee.


If you place multiple appointments, your earlier appointments will be automatically canceled & replaced by the new appointment.


In case of unforeseen power failures, technical breakdowns and natural calamities, applicants must expect a possibility of delay in the release of their application.


Steps from 3, 5, 6, and 8 with Red Highlight are not yet observed at Marina during the time they filed.


Scheduling of Examination will be informed by MARINA thru CALL/Emailed at the website of